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Federal facilities multi-media inspection definition

Office of Compliance and Federal Facilities have slightly different definitions of multi-media inspection.  The Office of Federal Activities developed a more limited definition.


The definition of what constitutes a Federal facility multi-media inspection for purpose of annual work commitments is defined in the OECA National Program Managers Guidance which can be found at this link  The definition is in the FY2005-07 guidance (dated May 19, 2004) as follows: 

A federal facility multi-media inspection consists of (1) a CAA, CWA, or RCRA program inspection plus at least one additional program under a different statute for the same facility; or (2) some combination of two or more CAA, CWA, or RCRA program inspections at the same facility. To count as a multi-media inspection, no more than three months may have elapsed between an inspection by one program and subsequent inspection by another program.


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