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When is an enforcement action considered concluded if it is going to trial or hearing

Enforcement actions that go to trial or hearing are considered concluded when:


a) the opportunity for an appeal has expired  (the defendant in a judicial case has 60 days to file an appeal; the respondent in an administrative case has 30 days to appeal to the EAB); or

b) an actual appeal has been filed. 


For cases that go to a trial or hearing, enter the case conclusion date and related case results data into ICIS after one of the options above has occurred.  After the time for an appeal has expired or an appeal has been filed, enter into ICIS the penalties, injunctive relief, cost recovery etc. from the decision.  If any of the results of the case change as a result of an appeal, revise the information accordingly overwriting the "original" value(s) with the latest information.  Users should utilize the "Case Summary" field and/or "Attorney Comment" field to track the original and revised case results.  Only the most recent penalties, injunctive relief, cost recovery etc. should be reflected in the respective fields.


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