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Calculating the VCMA measure for monitored-natural-attenuation (MNA) remedies and other “passive” remedies

MNA remedies are not the same as no-action remedies.  When MNA is employed, biodegradation is relied upon as a physical process to achieve remedial goals.  The situation-specific protocol below provides methods for calculating the measure in MNA situations.  It is noted also that MNA can be used either for containment or for reduction in the size of the contaminated groundwater plume.  So, MNA is not synonymous with containment, either.


Note: The new filters in ICIS no longer allow the unit: 1,000 cubic yards.  Therefore, the volume to be reported for groundwater response actions is cubic yards, not 1,000 cubic yards as shown below.  Therefore, please ignore the last part of step 5 in the "Methodology for calculating the measure" section (i.e., do not "divide by 1000 to get the reporting volume in 1000s of cubic yards.")

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