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Choosing an address for a new facility

 If you cannot find a facility in ICIS after conducting a thorough search you can create a new facility record (if you have the proper ICIS user role).  The new facility record that you create will receive an ICIS facility ID number.  This data will eventually be exchanged with the EPA's Facility Registry System (FRS) and the facility record will be issued an FRS ID number that will supplement the ICIS facility ID number.


When creating a new facility record, ICIS requires input of the following facility information at a minimum:

Facility Name;

Facility street address;


State; and

Zip code.


The facility address should be the physical location where the violation(s) occurred.  For violations that occur outside of a facility (e.g., oil spills, pipeline leaks), the address may be the mailing address of the violator/respondent/defendant. For example, the mailing address can be the defendant/respondent's address used for correspondence in the enforcement document.


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