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Penalty - Paid to Other Federal Agencies or Departments (09.07.2010)

ICIS Enforcement Module Final Order Penalty Screen

As of September 24, 2010, with ICIS release 3.8, the new names have been assigned to the existing enforcement module final order penalty screen fields in ICIS and two new penalty fields have been added. 


As to the renamed fields, the data to be entered to these penalty fields has NOT changed, just the labels for the data fields.  See the chart below.


As to the two new data fields that have been added:  A new field has been added to capture penalties that are paid to another federal agency or department; an associated field has been added to allow for identification of the other federal agency that was awarded the penalty.  These new fields are to be used (beginning in FY 2011) for: 


a) cases brought jointly by EPA and another federal agency in which EPA and the other federal agency (e.g., EPA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are each awarded a portion of the assessed penalty); and,


b) for select cases brought by another federal agency where EPA supports that other agency’s enforcement case and OECA has decided to enter this information into ICIS (currently limited to EPA support of U.S. Customs Clean Air Act mobile source import cases).


The changes to the ICIS penalty screen are captured in this table:


Old ICIS Data Field Name

New ICIS Data Field Name (effective Sept. 24, 2010)

Federal Penalty Required

Penalty Assessed to be paid to EPA

None - New Field

Penalty Assessed to be paid to a Federal Agency/Dept other than EPA

None -New Field

Federal Agency/Dept receiving Penalty Assessed

State/Local Penalty

Penalty Assessed to be paid to State/Local Agency

Total Penalty Collected

Total EPA Penalty Collected


Revised penalty screen/fields:

(See attachment)

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