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Multi-regional (or national) case definition, and the data entry requirements


Multi-Regional (or National) Cases



            Multi-Regional, or National, cases are those that allege violations at more than one facility located in more than one Region.  The multi-regional case policy allows each Region with at least one facility in a multi-Regional case to enter a referral, complaint, and settlement for their portion of the case so the outcomes from the case can be apportioned to each region.  Only the lead region, the region where the filing of complaint and Consent Agreement or Consent Decree occurs, will receive credit for the enforcement action conclusion.  The penalties, injunctive relief, complying actions, and pollutant reductions will be allocated to each Region and each Region will receive credit for these outcomes.  There can be rare exceptions to the lead region rule.  For example, it may be more efficient or part of a legal strategy for a region to file a complaint in a state outside of the region.  In this case, the lead region is still the one doing the filing.




Multi-Regional (or National) Cases  Data Entry Requirements


Enter the following information that is designated National Reporting field by OECA for credit on the Add Enforcement Action screen:

•            Multi-regional? box viewable by HQ only (this check box is populated by OECA); and

•            Regional Enforcement Action (lead Region’s enforcement action identifier).     


•           All regions involved in a multi-regional case must notify the ICIS Production Operations Board National Reporting contact with the case name as recorded in the Enforcement Action Namefield, the enforcement action identifier, and indicate whether they are the lead region.

•           Each region must record the same name in the Enforcement Action Name field and in parentheses at the end add "(National Case)" or "(NC)." 

•           The POB National Reporting contact will coordinate and look up all the entries in ICIS that comprise the multi-regional case, enter a check mark in the Multi-regional check box for each of these ICIS case entries, and provide a list of all the enforcement action identifiers to the Regional ICIS Data Steward or appropriate Regional ICIS data entry person.

•           Each Region must enter the conclusion within two weeks of the consent agreement being issued or the consent decree being filed with the court.   

•           On the Final Order screen, the lead Region should select the Final Order Type "Consent Decree or Court Order Resolving a Civil Judicial Action."  All other Regions participating in the national case should select the Final Order Type "Non-Lead Participant in Multi-Regional Case."           


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