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How to assign an enforcement action identifier (ICIS case number) and enter a final order in ICIS if the fiscal year changes while the order is being finalized


The enforcement action identifier is made up of three parts, the region code, the fiscal year the action is initiated, and a four digit tracking number. If for instance the enforcement action is initiated in FY 2006 it should have a 2006 enforcement action identifier regardless of the year in which the case concludes. This one enforcement action should not have two records or two ICIS enforcement action identifiers. It is really only one case, a case that is first initiated and eventually concluded.


Every enforcement action recorded in ICIS should be concluded in ICIS, one way or another. If we create a new record in ICIS for the same enforcement action simply because the fiscal year changed and, we want to assign a new enforcement action identifier, we will not be concluding the first record in ICIS.


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