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Case Summary Field is Enforcement Sensitive - Source: Reporting Plan FY 2010

Populating the Case Summary Field in ICIS


Purpose:   In FY 2009, a data issue that had been simmering for some time came to a head.  The field in the ICIS enforcement module, Basic Info screen, titled “Summary / Non-Compliance or Corrective Action Description” (the Case Summary field) is a non-sensitive field, hence, data input to this field is available to the public.  This is one of the fields that is populated into the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database and made available to the public.  Unfortunately, many ICIS users have populated this field with enforcement sensitive data.  A cleanup of the sensitive data that had been input to this field for cases that concluded in FY 2009 was undertaken at EOY out of concern that many more people would be looking at this data now that it would be accessible through the maps that were being posted as part of the Annual Results Web site. 


Data Entry:  For FY 2010, and henceforth, the Case Summary field must be populated for all enforcement actions.  Please enter into this field a short but complete summary of the enforcement case and assure that it contains no enforcement sensitive information.  Sensitive information may still be entered into ICIS, but not in this filed.  There is a separate field in ICIS, available through the Sensitive Comments screen.  Every enforcement case should have this case summary in ICIS.  Additional guidance further describing the expected format and content for the information entered to this data field will be transmitted shortly.


Data Retrieval:  The Case Summary field is populated into the ECHO database and is available to the public.

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