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Federal Facility Agreements - Entering CERCLA 120(e) FFAs into ICIS (03.22.2010)

 Entering CERCLA 120(e) Federal Facility Agreements (FFAs) to ICIS

Purpose:  Capture all Superfund enforcement activity related to federal facilities through ICIS.


Data Entry:  CERCLA 120(e) Federal Facility Agreements (FFAs) are categorized as an enforcement action and are counted as “administrative compliance orders”.  One Region which signed some of the FFAs in FY09 did not report them into ICIS by the EOY data entry deadline. Because of this, the Region could not count those FFAs as enforcement conclusions in FY09. Although only a few FFAs are expected in FY10, it is critical that they be entered timely and accurately in ICIS.  Use the date the Regional Administrator signs the FFA as both the initiation (complaint/proposed order) and settlement (final order issued) date, with an Enforcement Action Type of “Federal Facility Agreements” and a final order type of “Federal Facility Agreement.”


Additionally, any FFA related stipulated penalty paid in FY 2010 should be entered as well under the ICIS record for the FFA.


Data Retrieval:  Contact Ben Larson in OECA/FFEO for assistance in retrieving federal facility related enforcement.


March 22, 2010

FY 2010 Reporting Plan



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