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Identifying and Reporting Federal Facility Activities (03.20.2009)

Identifying and Reporting Federal Facility Activities



Purpose:In FY 2006 we started a data quality focus on accurate and complete reporting of federal facility enforcement and compliance activities.  It is essential that all federal facility activities (enforcement actions, inspections and compliance assistance activities), along with their outcome measures, be reported.  For FY 2009, Regions should continue to ensure that all federal facility activities are entered into the appropriate database of record.

The certification form was modified in FY 2006 to require that each Region and OECA office certify that all federal enforcement and compliance activities have been entered and identified as addressing a federal facility in the respective database of record.

A continuous challenge has been determining when a facility is a “federal” facility and identifying its type of ownership correctly in ICIS. OECA’s Federal Facilities Enforcement Office (FFEO) is continuing to work with the Regions to better define and identify all federal facility activities in ICIS.  This includes efforts to create a mandatory field in ICIS to identify federal facility activities.   

Data Entry:When entering compliance monitoring/enforcement action data in ICIS, the facility screen in ICIS contains a field for “Facility Type of Ownership.” Select “Federal Facility” for the traditional federal facility or “GOCO (Government Owned/Contractor Operated)” as appropriate for all records involving federal facilities. However, some actions involve privately owned organizations that are only operating on Federal property (i.e., a privately owned gas station operating on a military base). Because these cases are not against a federal facility but against a private organization, insert the abbreviation “(FF)” at the end of the activity name instead of marking the facility type of ownership as Federal. In the case of facility data provided to ICIS from FRS that is not properly identified as a federal facility, ICIS users should link their activity to the facility and insert the abbreviation “(FF)” in the activity name in order to identify the activity as a federal facility activity. If possible, Regions should attempt to update the federal facility field in the source database where the improperly identified facility data originated.

Data Retrieval:FFEO uses ICIS ad hoc reports to retrieve federal facility activity data which have the federal facility field populated with Yes. FFEO will develop and post these reports specific to federal facilities under the “Shared Community” within Business Objects. Selecting the facility type of ownership field and inserting “(FF)” at the end of the activity name will ensure that all of the outputs and outcomes from these relevant activities will be analyzed and reported.

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