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Required ICIS data (09.10.2004)


General Reporting Requirements

Any administrative or judicial enforcement action (initiation or conclusion) that occurs in any program must be entered into ICIS.  In addition, details regarding the enforcement case such as:

            –          Significant dates;

            –          Defendant/Respondent/Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) information;

            –          Complying actions;

            –          Cost of complying actions;

            –          Environmental Benefit information;                          

            –          Proposed penalties;

            –          Assessed penalties; and

            –          Value of cost recovery must be tracked in ICIS.


Beginning in fiscal year 2004, Regions must enter all Clean Air Act (CAA) 112(r) inspection conclusion data into ICIS.  Beginning in fiscal year 2005, Regions must enter all inspection conclusion data into ICIS and/or the program’s legacy database, with the exception of the UIC and PWSS programs.  The UIC and PWSS programs are scheduled to be added to ICIS in 2006. 


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