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RCRA Corrective Action and CERCLA Cases - Revised Reporting Instructions for FY 2009 (10.01.2009)

Revised Instructions for Reporting RCRA  Corrective Action & CERCLA (Superfund) Cases for FY09 End-of-Year Reporting (EOY)


These are revised guidelines for reporting Corrective Action & Superfund environmental benefits when injunctive relief will result in direct environmental benefits.  Last year, a new methodology for reporting direct benefits for RCRA Subtitle C cases, was created for hazardous wastes entitled  ”Estimated pounds of hazardous waste treated, minimized or properly disposed of,”. The FY08 reporting approach established a method to distinguish hazardous waste amounts from the amount of specific pollutant constituents (e.g. lead in electroplating sludge).  The hazardous waste pounds methodology counts the entire mass of the hazardous waste addressed by the enforcement action.   For the reporting of specific hazardous constituents in the RCRA hazardous waste and CERCLA hazardous substances see the instructions for manual reporting below

For FY2009, the ”Estimated pounds of hazardous waste treated, minimized or properly disposed of,” hazardous waste reporting category and methodology is being applied to both RCRA § 7003 corrective action cases and for CERCLA §§ 104/122a, 106a, 120e (federal facilities) cases.  Direct benefits may now be reported in units of pounds (hazardous waste) or volume of contaminated material addressed (VCMA) in cubic yards depending on the nature of the material and how it is generated.  Further guidance is provided below. (Note: there are no preventative benefits reporting for Corrective Action or Superfund).


HQ has generated a list of the FY09 RCRA Corrective Action & CERCLA cases with direct benefits currently in ICIS and is providing next steps for the regions to complete in modifying their ICIS data. The effective ICIS data entry deadline is October 9, 2009 (please note that October 12 is a federal holiday, Columbus Day with the last working day before it being October 9, 2009).  Information on the EOY reporting schedule is available at:


If you have specific questions or concerns on calculating environmental benefits, please contact Donna Inman, at 202-564-2511,  For ICIS data entry questions, please contact, David Sprague, at 202-564-4103;  For RCRA specific questions, call Ann Stephanos, at 202-564- 4006;  For CERCLA specific questions, call Bruce Pumphrey, at 202-564- 4222;

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