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Suite Of Measures Summary - ICIS Dashboard - Article from The Wave (January 2012)

OECA Suite of Measures Summary



The first version of the ICIS Dashboard has been released and has been named OECA Suite of Measures Summary (OSMS). This first development phase of the ICIS dashboard is accessible to EPA only. The OSMS consolidates enforcement and compliance measures from multiple OECA sources, and presents the data in a tabular or graphic format. This allows users to easily view trends and conduct other analyses or comparisons of interest. Currently, the OSMS contains six (6) years of statistical data (with the past fiveyears averaged) of regional outputs and outcomes. Criminal, CERCLA, National Enforcement Initiatives measures, as well as FY11 ACS targets and results are also available. Users can drill down to results by region, program, fiscal year, specific measure, or other categories depending on the summary selected. The first version of the OSMS contains FY06-FY11 certified data. Future releases may include a daily feed from ICIS, and drill down activity data via a report submission. The OSMS has been a beneficial tool for the AA/Regional video conference meetings. Civil, Superfund, and Criminal enforcement data are all available and displayed during the video conferences. The ability to quickly obtain regional program-specific data has resulted in more productive and informed conversations. The OSMS has received a great deal of praise and recognition as a valuable resource from all levels, including AA Cynthia Giles.

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