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Conducting MY and EOY NEI Data Quality Review

From: Palmer, Daniel
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 10:11 AM

ICIS Contacts, AFS Contacts, and others with an interest in NEI data quality,


I have attached for your use a slightly improved version of the PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that we used for yesterday’s Webinar on quality reviewing NEI data.  This document is very helpful in explaining what reports to use for reviewing NEI data at MY and EOY, and how to use the reports to review the data.  Nevertheless, whether you attended yesterday’s Webinar or not, you may well have questions.  If an when you do, please contact me (, Dan Klaus (, or David Sprague ( so we can help. 


I have also attached the FY14 NEI Reporting Guide.  It is a good companion to the PPT.  The Guide explains 1) what NEI data is to be reported for each NEI, 2) where to report the NEI data (which system), and 3) how to enter the data to the data system.  If you have any questions about the NEI Reporting Guide, please contact me or Dan Klaus (202/564-7757).


Thank you all for giving this matter your attention.

(See attachments)

Daniel Palmer, Deputy Director

Planning, Measures and Oversight Division

OECA/Office of Compliance

(202) 564-5034

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