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National Program Manager (NPM) Guidance FY 2005-2007 5-19-04

National Program Manager Guidance

The National Program Manager (NPM) Guidance documents set multi-year strategies for each environmental program in order to accomplish strategic goals set out in EPA’s Strategic Plan. NPM Guidances are issued by the five national level program managers to EPA’s 10 regional offices that implement the five corresponding major environmental programs. NPM Guidance link

The five major environmental programs are:

  • ·         Air & Radiation
  • ·         Water
  • ·         Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  • ·         Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
  • ·         Enforcement & Compliance Assurance


The web page link also includes national guidance issued by the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations on Performance Partnerships, as well as national guidance issued by the Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation on the National Environmental Performance Track program.

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