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ICIS Data Guidance 9-10-04 (Developed by Region 5 lead workgroup)


This guidance addresses the need for uniform definitions of ICIS reporting terminology and the need to compile ICIS data entry policy decisions. Other documentation, such as the ICIS User Guide, addresses system functionality and steps for data entry. The ICIS User Guide also provides a description, system business rules, and data entry instructions for each field in ICIS. For the most part, programmatic definitions and policy decisions are not presented in the ICIS User Guide.




The guidance combines Headquarters’ policy and reporting requirements with data standards to create a comprehensive collection of policy definitions and reporting guidelines to be used across all Regions and Headquarters, and should be used in conjunction with the ICIS User Guide and other documentation. This document provides OECA with a central tool to record and distribute all programmatic definitions and policy decisions, makes all Regions aware of standards, and helps to ensure data quality across the nation.

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