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Federal Environmental Laws Applicable to Natural Gas Extraction and Production Legal Compendium

Please find attached a legal compendium, Federal Environmental Laws Applicable to Natural Gas Extraction and Production.


This compendium is a synopsis of EPA-administered laws currently applicable to natural gas extraction and production. EPA's Office of Civil Enforcement is providing it to aid in consideration of the various enforcement tools available to address noncompliance in this sector.


In developing this document, OCE consulted with various headquarters and regional EPA offices responsible for enforcing and interpreting these laws. OCE has done our best to ensure that it is free from error.


That said, any undertaking as complex as the National Energy Extraction Enforcement Initiative is sure to raise issues of enforcement policy or statutory interpretation.  Accordingly, we invite regional practitioners to contact OCE's Special Litigation and Projects Division  for questions concerning regulatory authorities and our sister office, the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE), for questions regarding Superfund.


While many individuals had a hand in drafting this document, I would like to single out for special kudos the following individuals: Caroline Hermann, Jeanne Duross and Andrew Stewart in this division; Mindy Kairis in the Office of General Counsel; and Anne Berube in OSRE.

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