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Notice of New and Changed Enforcement and Compliance Data Reporting and Certification Requirements for FY 2013

To: OECA Enforcement Contacts

Attached for your review and use for the mid-year certification process is the Early Notice of Enforcement and Compliance Data Reporting and Certification Requirements for FY13 (Early Bird Memo), which is intended to give you advanced notice of some of the new and changed reporting requirements for FY 2013.  As in previous years, this document is not a replacement for the FY 2013 Reporting Plan.  OC is working on the annual "Reporting Plan" memo, which will contain a complete description of new FY 2013 enforcement/ compliance reporting requirements.  The material in the attached document is intended to provide early notice to the OECA offices and the Regions regarding reporting of Federal enforcement and compliance data for FY 2013.  In particular, it addresses: new enforcement/compliance data reporting requirements; changes to reporting requirements; and reporting that proved problematic (identified in italics) in FY 2012. 


We are always striving to achieve new efficiencies in the reporting process.  Our increased emphasis on use of the OECA Suite of Measures Summary (OSMS) Dashboard for reporting and certification purposes is a big step in achieving such efficiencies.  In FY 13, the OECA Suite of Measures Summary (OSMS) Dashboard will take on new significance during the MY and EOY data certification processes.  In an effort to further streamline the data certification process, OC is incorporating the OSMS Dashboard as an integral component of the MY and EOY data quality reviews.  Details on how the Dashboard will be used in FY 13 can be found in Section 3 of the attached guidance.


If you have any questions about this document or the reporting and certification process, please contact: Sara Ager at 564-7968 or, Sharon Gonder at 564-5256 or


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