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Troubleshooting reports not running and scheduling a report

ICIS Report Users,

Every year the ICIS Helpline gets questions on why some reports are not running and time-out. One reason is the number of users running reports during the End of Year (EOY) reporting. This occurs when you run reports at EOY and/or running complex reports that process a lot of data.

Why does this happen?
If you run a report interactively you computer must maintain a connection with the ICIS reports server. When a lot of reports are running the server takes more time to process your report. When you run a long or complex report the server is processing your report and will not reply back to your computer (your connection) until it has information to transmit. The report takes longer than normal and the connection between your computer times out and the report fails

What can I do?
If you schedule a report it runs on the server! This means that it is no longer dependant on the connection to your computer and will run the report on the server until it is completed.  See these directions for scheduling a report

There are three reports that should be scheduled especially during EOY.
1. Federal Enforcement Conclusions and NODs
2. Federal Enforcement Initiations
3. Direct and Preventative Environmental Benefits

If you have other long running reports that sometimes timeout, try scheduling the report.

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