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ICIS Release 3.5 Notes and Best Practices BOXI 3.1 document

Announcing ICIS Release 3.5 – A Major Platform Upgrade
John Dombrowski  to: ICIS-NPDES Regional System Contacts, ICIS-NPDES State System Contacts, ICIS ETDD Managers and Contacts, ICIS FE&C System Contacts, ICIS System Administrators, ICIS-FE&C Governance, ICIS-NPDES Governance 12/06/2009 08:23 PM

Glendora Spinelli, Steve Hufford, Lucy Reed, Anthony Galati, Wendell Wright, David Hindin, Lisa Lund, Daniel Palmer, Michael Mundell, Sharon Gonder, Cynthia Dickinson, Steven Rubin, Alison Kittle, Edward Cottrill, Mary Curtis

ICIS FE&C and ICIS-NPDES Contacts and Coordinators:

On Sunday, December 6, 2009, the ICIS production platform was upgraded to the most current versions of Solaris (the operating system), Weblogic (the software that serves up the web pages) and JDK (Java Development Kit – the programming language for ICIS), as well as the newest version of the BusinessObjects reporting software.  This upgrade fixes many problems, includes several features that allow ICIS to run more efficiently than before, and provides a number of powerful new capabilities.  These capabilities will make it easier for States and EPA Regions to access, analyze, and share information.  We expect the platform upgrade to improve performance of the system in several ways, although it will not affect overall network performance.

In order to assist your use of the new features in BusinessObjects version 3.1, we have updated the "Best Practices" document, attached below.  In it, you will find several important topics that focus on some new features; such as the “look and feel” of the reporting tool being more aligned with that of Microsoft Windows, an auto save feature that prevents the loss of reporting data while building reports, and the “track data changes” capability which alerts the user if changes are made to data as the data is refreshed.  A list highlighting just some of the new functionality is included below.
If you have questions about the upgrade, or about any new BusinessObjects features, please contact ICIS User Support at or by phone on 202/564-7756.  We are excited about this upgrade and the new capabilities that it brings to ICIS and our user community.  I want to thank the HQ ICIS Team, EPA’s NCC, and our contractors Booz Allen for their all of their efforts and hard work to make this happen over the weekend so that ICIS is available to its users Monday morning.   Below are some highlights for this critical release:
John M. Dombrowski, P.E.
Acting Director
Enforcement Targeting and Data Division, OECA/OC
Tele. 202-566-0742

Business Objects XI 3.1 New Features

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