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Adding a new pollutant to the pick list



As of February 2005, all requests to add new pollutants must go through HQ user support.  A quick response is guaranteed.  Contact Anthony Galati, ICIS Support Team Leader.


According to the ICIS News You Can Use FE&C Newsletter Issue 4:


  • ·         Over 2,000 duplicate pollutants have been removed from the ICIS pollutant list.
  • ·         OEI integrated the ICIS pollutant list with the Agency's list.   All but about 100 already existed in the Agency's list.
  • ·         Similar to FRS for facilities OECA align our pollutants with the Substance Registry System (SRS).   The Substance Registry System provides information on substances and how they are represented in the EPA regulations and information systems.  This will help with:                      
  1.       consist data entry
  2.       searching ICIS for pollutants
  3.       consistency across the Agency



See Also

            ICIS News You Can Use - Issue 4 - February 2005


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