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Business Objects New Objects and New Folder Configurations March 22, 2011

Announcing ICIS Release 4.0.1 – Business Object Universe and Object Changes



ICIS FE&C and ICIS-NPDES Contacts and Coordinators:


On Monday, March 21, 2011, the Enforcement Universe and ICIS-NPDES Ad hoc Universe were modified to implement a set of new objects, along with several fixes. These changes will make it easier for States and EPA Regions to access, analyze, and share information. A list highlighting just some of the changes is included below.


We are excited about the new capabilities that this release brings to ICIS and our user community. If you have questions about the new objects or changes that were implemented in BusinessObjects, please contact ICIS Customer Support at or by phone on 202/564-7756.


Steve Hufford

Chief, Data Systems and Information Management Branch, OECA/OC/ETDD


Business Objects New Objects and New Folder Configurations


Enforcement Universe Updates

  • New report objects are now available to enable easier identification of and filtering on Primary Law information for reports. The following new report objects were created:
    • “Primary Law Section”,
    • “Primary Law Program”,
    • “Primary Law Program Code”
  • Two new objects were created for Statute/Section/Program, they are:
    • “Statutes Rank Order”,
    • and “Sections Rank Order”

The new objects “Statutes Rank Order”, “Sections Rank Order” will have values of “1” for
       Primary law and “0” for non-primary.           

  • To facilitate easier identification and naming consistency to these objects; users will find renamed and reorganized folders. Reports created previous to the new folder organization and naming convention will still function. The naming and reorganization is as follows:
    • Primary Law objects are located in a NEW folder called “Primary Law Information”
    • Federal Statutes Violated (all statute/sections/programs linked to enforcement action) is now organized under “Federal Statutes/Sections/Programs Violated” folder.

        NOTE: when modifying existing reports please update to new name.

  • To better identify that the object will return all national priorities linked to a case (including current FY priorities), users will find that the:
    • OECA National Priorities objects folder was renamed to “All OECA National Priorities”, and
    • OECA National Priorities Code objects folder was renamed to “All OECA National Priorities Code
  • The following new Enforcement Universe report objects were created:
    • “Final Order Year OECA National Priorities”,
    • “Final Order Year OECA National Priority Code”,
    • “Count of Final Order Year OECA National Priorities”.

NOTE: Reports created previous to the new names will still function (when modifying existing reports. Please make sure to update to the new name. These new report objects will allow for identification of and filtering on only priorities that are effective in the same fiscal year as the final order.

  • Fixed the existing non-working “Program Rank Order” object.
    • The Program Rank Order object will have two available values; if the program is the primary program the value will be “1”, and non-primary programs value will be “ “ (blank).

        ICIS-NPDES Ad hoc Universe Updates

  • Fixed a problem where the Non-Government Contact/Address Start and End Dates were not being populated in the Permits and Compliance Monitoring Activities folders.


  • A Reference Table change was implemented to Change the Unit Group for Parameter Code 51501 (N-Nitroso-N-Methylethylamine) to allow quantity units.
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