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E-mailing ICIS reports



ICIS reports can now be sent directly to email accounts!  Attached below are the instructions.  An existing ICIS report can be sent to the logged on user email account (identified in the users ICIS profile) or to other email addresses. The reports can be saved user created reports or National Standard reports.

Please verify that your email address in ICIS is correctly entered, you can check this by going to "MY Profile" found under "System Administration" on the ICIS Home Page.  If it is incorrect please notify ICIS User Support in order to update the necessary files.  This can be a vehicle to get reports to management and staff that do not want to log into ICIS.  Any report can be automatically scheduled to run on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) and sent to an email account.



1. As you will read in the instructions if the report being sent shows a status of "Success" in the Business Object history screen this means that the report has successfully executed and been sent.  At this point it is out of the hands of ICIS, if the emailed report is received or not can be determined by personal email size restrictions or Spam blocking. If a report does not get thru to the submitted email account contact your email administrator to check if there is a file size limit or if the report has been blocked by a Spam blocker. If the report was blocked  ask how to have put on a  "white list" to allow this email to come thru.

2. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure correct handling of sensitive data as agreed by in the Rules of Behavior and the signed Sensitive Access agreement.


See Attachment


 The "How to Send ICIS Reports to an email address" instructions document and the "Best Management Practices_XI_rev" document can also be found in ICIS Reports folder --> Public --> System Administration --> ICIS Guidance Documents

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