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Requesting Access

All new ICIS users must, at a minimum, complete and submit the attached Rules of Behavior form. Optionally, if you will need access to enforcement sensitive data, you must also complete the attached Sensitive Access Request form.

When completed, please submit your completed form(s) to your Regional Administrator. For a complete list of ICIS Administrators, please click here:

ICIS System Administrators List

Please note if you will be using ICIS as an FE&C, NPDES, or ICIS-Air user as your Regional Administrator may differ depending on which Program you're associated with. Your designated Regional Administrator will evaluate your need for access, and if approved, will guide you through the rest of the process.

For EPA Headquarters users, please submit all signed documents and forms to ICIS Customer Support at


Starting October 5, 2018, each time a user logs into the online ICIS application ( through Web Access Management (WAM) they will be asked to review and agree to the ICIS Rules of Behavior via a popup. If they select “I Agree,” they will be taken to the ICIS home page. If they select “I Disagree” or not make a selection, they will be taken to the EPA home page and will not be able to access ICIS. This new requirement is a result of our most recent security review conducted by the Agency.


This requirement only applies to those users accessing the web application directly. It does not apply to users when they are reporting through electronic data transfer (EDT). For EDT users, the initial submission of the signed paper Rules of Behavior is sufficient.


New User Experience:

1. Go to

2. Enter your User Name and Password


  3. After logging on, you will get the ICIS Rules of Behavior popup

4. In order to proceed to ICIS, you must select “I Agree.”  If you select “I Disagree,” you will be redirected to the EPA home page (



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