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What does an Acronym or Abbreviation mean?

The Federal government is widely known for its extensive use of acronyms and abbreviations. Below is a list of acronyms and abbreviations widely used by EPA in its daily operations of ICIS. If you're ever uncertain about what an acronym or abbreviation means, please see below:


Acronym/Abbreviation Definition
 EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
 ICIS  Integrated Compliance Information System
 FE&C  Federal Enforcement and Compliance
 NPDES  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
 ECHO  Environmental Compliance History Online
 NetDMR  Network Discharge Monitoring Reports
 NeT  NPDES eReporting Tool
 DMR  Discharge Monitoring Report
 EDT  Electronic Data Transfer
 BI  Business Intelligence (ICIS reporting tool)
 WAM  Web Access Management
 QNCR  Quarterly Non-Compliance Report
 RNC  Reportable Non-Compliance
 CDX  Central Data Exchange
 MSGP  Multi-Sector General Permit
 CGP  Construction General Permit
 COR  Copy of Record
 CSO  Combined Sewer Overflow
 CROMERR  Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule
 CAA  Clean Air Act
 CWA  Clean Water Act
 FRS  Facility Registry System
 NODI  No Data Indicator
 NOI  Notice of Intent
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