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If I have a Title V source that says it’s subject to NSPS TTTT, should we be mapping to the ‘major’ TTTT? And what is the distinction between ‘non-major’ and the other one?

CAANSPS is intended for sources that are major based on the title V definition.  If the source is a title V major and the NSPS applies then subparts are required and you should report CAANSPSTTTT.  If a source is not a major based on the title V definition, then reporting subparts is optional and you should report CAANSPSMTTTT (non-major).  You will see a subpart option for both CAANSPS and CAANSPSM (non-major) because the applicability of an NSPS is not based on a source’s PTE but rather the type of equipment being used.  But, reporting subparts is only required for majors.  So, to allow for optional subpart reporting under the NSPS we had to create a NSPS air program that could be reported for non-major sources.

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