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Reporting TSCA Good Laboratory (GLP) Inspection in ICIS


The EPA GLP program is managed at EPA Headquarters, OECA, in the Office of Compliance.  GLP is a specific set of regulations found in 40 CFR Part 792.  The TSCA GLP program is managed by the Office of Compliance in the Monitoring Assistance and Media Program Division (MAMPD).  Inspectors must go through a specific set of training requirements for TSCA GLP inspections outlined in EPA Order 3500.1 Program-Specific Training Requirements.  MAMPD has no record of regional inspectors completing the required training.  


It is unlikely that Regions are conducting TSCA GLP inspections. The term “Good Laboratory Practice” may sound general to some regional inspectors, but in fact it is a specific set of regulations.  TSCA inspections conducted by regions should not be reported in ICIS using Law Section “TSCA 4: Testing of Chemical Substances and Mixtures: Good Laboratory Practices.”  Regions should report their TSCA inspections in ICIS using one of the other law section choices.  To ensure the TSCA inspection data is accurate, Regions are encouraged to review the ICIS National Standard Report “Compliance Evaluations/Inspections.” If any TSCA GLP inspections are reported within your region it is most likely that the selected law section needs to be corrected.


Please direct any questions concerning TSCA GLP inspections to Francisca Liem at or (202) 564-2365.

Source:  Enforcement and Compliance FY 2015 Reporting Plan

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