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Mapping Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Cases


In the past there has been concern about the sensitivity of mapping locational data related to Public Water Systems.  Since FY 2011, OECA has been mapping SDWA cases based on information from ICIS based on agreement from the Office Director in OGWDW.  Internal OW policy restrictions on SDWIS data apply exclusively to lat/longs of surface water intakes and wells, and, as such, all other lat/long data associated with the facility is not restricted.


Locational data for drinking water sources from other data systems (i.e., ICIS) can be mapped with the caveat, “the mapping data is not from SDWIS.”  In order to enable OECA to continue to map SDWA enforcement cases, regions are encouraged to enter locational data for linked facilities as they do for other programs. OECA will continue mapping SDWA enforcement cases with locational data in ICIS at end of year for FY15.


Please direct any questions concerning mapping of SDWA cases to Rochele Kadish at or (202) 564-3106.

Source:  Enforcement and Compliance FY 2015 Reporting Plan

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