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Federal Facility Activity Pick List and Activity Comment Field


This is a reminder to data entry staff to populate the data field for the “federal facility” activity pick list and federal facility activity comment field.  The pick list is the primary identifier for marking and reporting all enforcement actions and compliance monitoring activities at federal facilities in ICIS.  Totals for federal facilities are tracked and used in the EOY results, regional reviews, and other official reporting.


To identify federal government owned/government operated sites, select the field value “Federal Facility.”   To identify activities taken against contractors or other non-federal parties operating on or affecting federal property (stormwater, asbestos remediation, spills, etc), select the field value “Non-Federal Party Impacting Federal Property.”



Additional explanations about the federal agencies involved or the relation of the non-federal party to the federal site should be entered in the “Federal Facility Activity Comment” field.  ICIS users may continue to enter (FF) in the enforcement action name and final order name but this data entry is no longer required.


If you have questions or comments regarding the federal facility activity pick list or the federal facility activity comment field, please contact Emery Harriston at 202-564-2497.

Source:  Enforcement and Compliance FY 2015 Reporting Plan

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