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How do I enter pollutant codes and program codes for Air DA Case File EDT XML submissions?


Some users have received error messages after submitting AirDACaseFileSubmission XMLs because the Air program code and Air pollutant code need to be specified in both the main <AirDACaseFile> block (as <ProgramCode> and <AirPollutantCode>) and in the <AirViolationData> block (as <AirViolationProgramCode> and  <AirViolationPollutantCode>).  Since you are allowed to enter multiple program codes and pollutant codes for these programs, make sure that any multiple <AirViolationData> blocks specify the same program and pollutant codes as specified in the main <AirDACaseFile> block.  The example below is taken from the Example XML Instance document for ICIS-Air (



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