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Why am I receiving an error in ICIS when searching for an Enforcement Action case name?


The cause of the search error is due to the fuzzy search on Enforcement Action (EA) name that we currently have in place. Fuzzy search is a feature that expands the query to include words that are spelled similarly to the specified term and resulted are weighted according to their similarity score. When the user searches on “Grupo C”, the search is actually searching for these two separately. It will return EA Names like “Grupo” such as “Group”, which yields a lot of results, and it also searches for anything like “C”, which is too broad to bring back results and instead returns an error. Similarly with the search term “test a”, returns EAs like “Estates” or “Rest” or “Test” in addition to anything like “a”, which returns more results than Oracle can handle.


We recommend the following:

* Narrow the search terms (such as “Grupo Cach” or “test air”) and use additional search filters (ie: region, state, etc.)

* If user wishes to search more literally and “escape” the fuzzy pattern search, they can enclose the search string in percent signs which seems to help with getting like results returned


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