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How to Download EDT Batch Audit Reports from BI Reports

After logging into ICIS, select the Reports link on the top right menu.  Then select the Documents tab (as highlighted in the following screenshot), select the Folders 'drawer', select the 'Batch Reports' folder (Batch was the legacy term for EDT Electronic Data Transfer), then either the Batch Audit Report (refer to the following screenshot) or Batch Rejected Transactions Report:



"A screenshot of the documents tab highlighting the 'Batch Reports' folder."


There are 5 required fields in the Prompts dialog box, but the Batch ID(s) (CDX transaction ID that starts with an underscore, i.e., '_'.) and User ID(s) (ICIS user id) prompts can have an asterisk, if you do not know these values.  The date range cannot go beyond 4 months from the current date.  The Submitting Party is your State Code or EPA Region Code.  The User ID(s) prompt needs to be in ALL CAPS (or '*').  After running a report with these values, you can run the report again with different values by clicking the Refresh icon (refer to highlights in the following screenshot):



"A screenshot of the prompts screen highlighting the 'refresh' button represented by the two rotating arrows icon."


The Batch Audit Report returns your Accepted and Rejected transactions with Error and Warning messages (caveat about possible warning messages appearing in the Accepted section/tab of the report: - I Get Warning Messages On The Accepted Tab/Section Of The Batch Audit Report/Response PDF. What Should I Do?), Transaction totals, etc., in PDF format by default.  If you want this data in CSV format, select the Export icon (refer to highlights within the screenshot), select Data in the Export dialog box, and File Type of CSV:



"A screenshot of the export tab from the Batch Audit Report highlighting the 'Data' selection and 'CSV' file type available in the drop-down menu."


You can also download the Response PDF through the ENServices Center, as long as you know the transaction ID of your successful submission and are registered with a CDX account: 
How To Download EDT Batch Audit Reports From The CDX Exchange Network Services Center Website 


Article revised on 10/21/2021.

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