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How to Download EDT Batch Audit Reports from the CDX Exchange Network Services Center Website

As an alternative to downloading EDT Batch Audit Reports from ICIS BI Reports , you can download the equivalent Response PDF Reports from the Exchange Network Services Center Login (for ICIS Prod EDT transactions) or the Test Exchange Network Services Center Login (for ICIS Test or ICIS Stage transactions).  You must have or register for an account from these sites (Refer to the previous URLs).

On the My Services Center tab (highlighted in the following screenshots), select My Services (set by default), then within the Download subtab, select your Node and Dataflow values as specified in Guide To Submitting Dataflows To ICIS.  Enter your EDT Batch Transaction ID using these values:

To retrieve from ICIS Production, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNProd2.0 Node, from Production ENSC: .

To retrieve from ICIS Test, use the ICIS-AIR Dataflow (all caps) on the NGNTest2.0 Node, from Test ENSC: (Refer to the following screenshot).

To retrieve from ICIS Stage, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNTest2.0 Node, from Test ENSC: 


"A screenshot of 'download' tab in the 'My Services' channel highlighting the Node, DataFlow, and Transaction ID drop-down menus."


If the transaction has successfully completed, you will be able to download three Documents: the zip of the XMLs that you had submitted, the submission-metdata.xml (sic) that shows the validity of the XMLs, and if the submission-metdata.xml does not list any invalid tags against the ICIS XML Schema rules: ICIS Data Submission, ICIS Air, the Response zip file that contains the PDF(s) of your accepted and rejected transactions and equivalent XML files:



"A screenshot of the 'News & Data Channels' tab highlighting the '' file."


Article revised on 10/21/2021.



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